Build a complete social collaboration, communication and management platform across all digital channels with minimum effort to build & maintain.

Complete Freedom for
Unique UX & UI

Unlike other ready-made solutions, CommunityGo has a completely independent view layer, which gives you complete freedom to develop unique user experience & designs and unify them across all channels.

Modern Technologies

HTML5 and CSS3 based modern client-side technology infrastructure provides fast, flexible and interactive interfaces that match most of the state-of-the-art standards with a pixel-perfect execution.

Unified Design Meets
Native Components

The built-in mobile development module enables the use of native UI components and operating system capabilities such as GPS, sound, vibration, and camera access seamlessly with CSS3 and JavaScript.

Comprehensive Set of Features

Social Network

An internal social network lets you collaborate easily, faster and more efficiently. Get instant feedback, share ideas, create workgroups and engage your community.

Realtime Chat

Your community can not wait, so your users can use CommunityGo's fast & secure one-on-one chat system with realtime text, image, location and url sharing abilities.

Bulletin Boards

An internal bulletin system that let your users stay in touch within a group of categories or can power your community's entire Q&A needs, fast and easy.


You can create a single or multiple items m-commerce page with credit card feature right inside your platform to sell digital or physical products to your community users.

Social Calendar

You can announce all the activities that will take place within the community and you can ensure that the activities are displayed on a hierarchical basis.

Task & Projects

From personal ToDos and simple tasks to complex projects, CommuntyGo helps delegate and coordinate, making sure the job is done properly and on time.

Media Library

You can publish image, video and sound files directly to the community for all kinds of purposes and create a rich media library with search, comment and like abilities.

Training Library

You can publish your training documents on the community, carry out further tests, measure the success, understanding of the trainings and evaluate it as a performance criterion.

Poll Manager

You can use different types of questionnaires for your users to take their ideas and use them to improve the company vision and create a happier working environment.

Nearby Users & Places

You can define your own places on the map so community users can search for nearby users or get information about the specific places based on their current locations.

User Directory

You can create an organizational guide for people in your company to easily reach each other, and can organize who can access who on a hierarchical basis.

Help Desk

With our one-on-one chat system let users report issues from within the app and have real-time conversation with your help desk employees without leaving the app.


With our unique gamification module you can reward more active users with badges on-the-go to increase engagement and also encourage usage behavior.

Happiness Center

You can inform birthdays, special holidays and welcome new users in the community with automatic messages by providing integrated work with profile structure.

News Room

You can create and publish news, announcements, updates and occasions to your community with rich text editor and images on a hierarchical basis.

Ease of Maintenance

CommunityGo is using common components on client-side technologies and fed from the same centralized API, so changes in the core systems do not affect the applications as long as the services remain intact.

Social Connections

Social Login module allow your app users to register or login on using their existing social accounts IDs, eliminating the need to fill out registration forms and remember usernames and passwords.


The multilanguage module auto-detects your language and translate the interface on-the-go. Combined with your pre-translated content, let your visitors switch languages and browse in their language.

Push&Go™ Technology

Our very own accelator technology Push&Go™ enables to update pages in your applications without uploading a new version to application stores and remove the days long waiting-for-approval frustrations.

Furthermore, the technology can be used to create new sections within the application without need to upload new versions on all channels.

Security & Reliability

The platform offers strongest communications and inter-connected levels of protection for all supported channels. Significant security principles are provided for both communication and application layers.

Also with CommunityGo's inline member blocking & pre-defined instant keyword blocker users can share and read in harmony within the community.

Administrator Panel

With administrator panel you can manage all aspects of the platform with easy-to-use interface. Panel's main objective is to speed up management effort by providing fast, configurable and ready modules.

Aside from managment features you can look up every statistics about the platform such as new registered users, published posts, comments, likes and such.